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Surgery can be a scary thing for those who’ve never had it before. It can still be scary for those who have. So, in order to calm the nerves of soon-to-be patients, I had written a blog that offered a few ways to prepare yourself for surgery. And while preparing for surgery is certainly important, it is arguably even more important to prepare yourself for after surgery, depending on the severity of the procedure.


Get all of the information

I also gave this tip in the last blog, and it should go without saying, but you should always get all of the information regarding your particular surgery as possible. That means getting the information straight from your doctor about what to expect during as well as after the surgery. Most people assume that they only need to know what to expect from the surgery itself, but in most cases, you need to be prepared for post-op as well. Again, simply speaking to your doctor and asking questions about your particular case can provide a wealth of knowledge and make the healing process much easier.


Have somebody check-in on you/assist you

Depending on the medical procedure that you will be undergoing, you may not be able to move very much after surgery. That is why it is incredibly important that you kindly ask somebody to assist you with daily tasks. This could range anywhere from preparing a meal to showering. Sometimes, recovering from surgery can be difficult and frustrating, so always remember to be kind to the person who is taking the time out of his or her day to help you. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of not having anybody to watch over you, you may want to consider hiring a third-party service. That may seem like overkill, but it is worth having somebody check-in on you regularly to ensure that you are healing well and to assist with tasks.


Don’t get bored

If after your surgery you are still able to move on your own, but you will be stuck in the house for a few days, it always helps to keep your brain active. Sure, plopping yourself in front of a television can beat the boredom for a few hours, but that can get very old, very quickly. Instead, read a book, plan out your schedule and what you will need to catch up on once you return to work or school, use the Internet as a learning source and teach yourself something new, the list goes on and on.