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As I’ve mentioned before, I am a vascular surgeon, meaning I specialize in treating and diagnosing diseases of the veins and vascular system. I take tremendous pride in my work and ability to treat my patients, and I take my profession incredibly seriously, as any surgeon should. And while I love my specialty, I understand that it is not the only kind. The world of surgery is vast and complicated. There are multiple types of surgeons who all specialize in treating different diseases. In order to give my fellow colleagues their due, I figured I would go through and list a few of the different types of surgeons that exist in the medical field.


General Surgeon

This type of surgeon is essentially what it sounds like. General surgeons do not necessarily practice one specialty. They are trained to treat several different types of diseases and ailments. General surgeons are usually able to care for a patient throughout all stages of surgery. General surgeons are educated on how to treat conditions relating to skin, head and neck, endocrine system and the extremities, just to name a few. They are even prepared to treat diseases of the vascular system.


Neurological Surgeon

While all specialties of surgery are interesting, I find neurological surgery to be one of the most fascinating. Much like a general surgeon, a neurological surgeon handles what you would expect: conditions of the nervous system. The nervous system is vastly complex and interconnected, much like the vascular system, which is probably why I find bot specialties so intriguing. Neurological surgeons even treat conditions of the pituitary gland.


Oral Surgeon

When most people hear the term oral surgeon they assume you’re referring to a dentist. But that is not true. Dentists specialize in treating conditions of the teeth. Oral surgeons are trained to treat an incredibly vast array of diseases that deal not only with the mouth, but also with the face, jaws and even the neck. Interestingly enough, oral surgeons can even treat dental issues, and regularly perform tooth extractions.


These are only three of the many different kinds of surgeons who all specialize in different areas of the medical profession. I will cover a few other types of surgeons in a second blog.